Puleng Technologies partners with global leader Aqua Security

Puleng Technologies partners with global leader Aqua Security to deliver the industry-leading Cloud Native Security Platform.

Johannesburg, South Africa – 26th August 2020 – Puleng Technologies (Puleng), has partnered with Aqua Security (Aqua), the largest pure-play cloud-native security company, to provide prevention, detection, and response automation across the entire DevOps application lifecycle. The availability of the Aqua Cloud-Native Security platform will provide local South African customers security and speed, without compromise and allow them to “Shift Left” early into the DevOps pipeline.

With many organisations leaping into modernising their business to enable rapid digital transformation and with the increasing success of agile software development, through technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Kafka, Elastic, NGINX, the rate of continuous change, the acceleration of modern application and infrastructure development and delivery is unparalleled within our industry’s history.

This rapid shift and the massive competitiveness in today’s market, is influencing our clients to act first and rapidly plan and deploy; however, in this ever-changing landscape, Security can not be an afterthought.

To strengthen the Puleng Infrastructure Services value proposition, the partnership with Aqua Security, coupled with local collaboration with a strategic reputable Development partner, will allow us to assist our clients in navigating this daunting world with local technical skills and flexible cost models while removing obstacles to real digital transformation.

“The Aqua Cloud-Native Security Platform improves security across the organisation’s cloud-native environments, by implementing container and serverless security as a part of the constant delivery life cycle, means that business will reduce the risk of the ever-expanding attack surface, by preventing vulnerable, untrusted code from being deployed and preventing container drift”, says Glenn Morgan, Pre-sales Consultant at Puleng Technologies.

“Aqua’s comprehensive strategy, technical innovation, research and development investment, as well as their partner programme, were critical factors in choosing them as our vendor of choice”, says Steve James, Executive of Strategy at Puleng Technologies.

As organisations look to transition from traditional legacy software platforms to complete cloud-native SaaS services, the need to secure the entire software development lifecycle is paramount, including scanning for known vulnerabilities during the build process, assurance to enforce policies for production code as it is deployed, and run-time controls for visibility into application activity.

Sarah Goodchild, Director, Global Partner Sales at Aqua Security says “Our regional partners are crucial to expanding our reach across markets and bringing the benefits of the Aqua Cloud-Native Security platform to those organisations which can benefit most from it. Puleng’s deep expertise and local market knowledge will play a vital role in introducing Aqua to new customers and accelerating digital transformation in the region.”

“Through the ease of implementation, overall performance, and the completeness of the Aqua platform, we are excited about the possibilities of evangelising the Aqua value proposition, developing their brand and presence and introducing the next tranche of value to our customers, coupled with local skills and expertise.”, says James.

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