Puleng wins SailPoint EMEA Partner of the Year and Admiral Delivery Partner Award 2020

Protecting today’s corporate digital identity.

Ranking highest in customer success and satisfaction, delivery experience and several certified skills, Puleng has been recognised as a SailPoint Delivery Admiral Partner and 2020 EMEA Partner of the Year.

With over 15 years’ experience, Puleng has a proven history of successfully assisting its clients secure the corporate digital identity.

Why is this relevant?

Identity security has become a critical component of risk management and is the surest path forward to fully protect the “corporate digital identity” of any business now and in the future.

The shift to remote work underscored how essential identity security is today. The companies that prevailed were those that put identity security at the foundation of their business.

To truly secure the “corporate digital identity” – the very PII of the business – companies need to rethink how they protect their digital workforce.

With lockdowns imposed last year, every organisation went into rush mode to convert to a virtual working environment. Many were under such pressure to get their employees productive from home that they missed the necessary security controls that would keep their business assets protected. This opened an expansive area of risk for those businesses that were not connecting the dots between identity access and securing that access for every digital identity across their workforce.

No business, virtual or not, can safely use technology without thinking through how to properly secure that access. Who should be given access? Do they actually warrant access to do their job? How long will that worker require access? Can it be shut down after a short period of time or does it need to remain open for the long term? Should access be granted while having access to another system? These are questions no business can be sure of, if they have simply opened the door without adding a layer of protection and risk mitigation on top of that access.

The key is to focus on both enablement and security – providing access to important technology and tools, but properly controlling that access. It is critical today to know who among your workforce requires certain access, and then modify that access as their role changes, or restrict and even remove that access when it is not needed. Opening the door to digital services without these controls is high risk.

More businesses are waking up to this reality and are putting identity security at the top of their priority list.

Trust Puleng Technologies to assist you on the journey to ensuring that your corporate digital identity is protected. 

By Chantel Howes, Puleng Technologies, Head of Service Delivery

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