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PowerBroker Privilege Discovery and Reporting Tool (DART)

Puleng Technologies is proud to announce their incorporation of the Priveldge DART to assist customers to find, profile and report on their biggest privileged account risks.
A non-intrusive executable that does not require installation, Privilege DART does not affect target system performance and keeps your privilege data completely private.

What problem does it solve?
A lack of visibility into the privileged accounts, users and assets in an environment that could lead to risk gaps in privileged account coverage and a data breach.

What does it do?
Privilege DART:

  • Discovers: Finds and enumerates user accounts, all local accounts, SSH keys, Windows and Linux groups, default and hard-coded passwords, and more.
  • Profiles: Displays high level metrics such as password age on credentials, accounts, and assets in a dashboard-type view.
  • Reports: Creates an HTML-based report, Excel report, and can export data into XML which can be used to import later into Password Safe.