The Puleng Infrastructure Blueprint

The Puleng Infrastructure Blueprint provides our customers with more agile architectures, the ability to drive Data Center standardisation, flexibility and control, with the capabilities to offer relief to the enormous data volumes that an enterprise must deal with in today’s world.
Puleng provides an analytics-driven, highly visual, policy-based data management solution that is highly scalable and commercially supported. The service/solution enables organisations to manage their data intelligently by identifying inactive data across a customer’s storage and transparently moving infrequently accessed data to cost-efficient options, such as cloud or object storage—all without any changes to user or application access.

Puleng architects Data Center infrastructures and is a specialist in the delivery of Computing and Storage Management solutions, including operational Backup, Recovery and Assurance architectures. Puleng’s Storage Team uses its leading skills to deliver highly tuned, commercially robust architectures that are integrated into both physical and virtual environments.
Our Hyper-converged Infrastructures solutions enable the simplification of infrastructure management and operations with configuration standards for deployment based on a reference architecture. These systems that have been tested to ensure a platform continues to operate as a single architecture, once it enters operations and helps reduce management overhead and makes provisioning of resources faster and more efficient.



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