The Puleng Security Blueprint

The Puleng Security Blueprint provides customers with a client-centric strategy to manage and secure the two most valuable assets an organisation has: its data and users while facilitating IT and business with a platform to build an efficient, collaborative and integrated cybersecurity program.
A strong User and Data Governance roadmap is at the very heart of our practice and ensures that the right Users have access to the right Services and Data while providing business advantage through self-enrolment, user life-cycle and a quality customer experience.
Our customers may be selective in the prioritisation of each component depending on their business drives and strategy.

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Puleng Security Blueprint Cloud Access Identity Governance Strong Authentication (MFA) Privileged Account Management Classification Governance Activity Monitoring Cloud Gateway Real Time Visibility &  Response Network Behaviour Analytics & Protection Risk Intelligence Digital Footprint Secrets Management Secure code analysis Container Security API Management DEVSECOPS CYBER USER DATA




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